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IMPORTANT INFORMATION Childcare provision for key workers and Free School Meals Distribution

Covid Guidance if your child is ill

Covid Guide for Households 

Letter from Headteacher re:September Opening




Dear all,

As a Province, Schools Officers have been working on resources that you can use should you wish; they're to be found on the Diocesan website, https://stdavids.churchinwales.org.uk/ under the heading Resources for Schools, Families and those who work with them; just scroll down until you'll find them under a big Rainbow. By today there should be 4 weeks worth of resources. Please keep an eye on the page, as there will be resources going up weekly. 


Schools and Youth Teams across the Province have come up with a project/initiative to create resources to be used during the current crisis..

We will be making them available here week by week.

Resources for School

 We know many of our children and families enjoy creative activities either at school or in church. Here are a few examples that are simple to do at home and focus on a message of hope.



Dear parents /carers, 

 To all of our Model school families, we sincerely hope that you are all keeping well. Things happened so quickly a couple of weeks ago, and I am very grateful to the staff who uploaded activities for the children to access via the website. 

We appreciate that not all pupils may have access to a tablet or laptop, hence why we are continuing to utilise the website to share ideas for activities, as every parent has access to a smartphone to view the information. 

We have recently updated the work, therefore please visit your child’s Year group class page for some new ideas. We will, however, be utilising the Google classroom platform for our Y6 pupils, as they will be transitioning to Y7 and they already set up and familiar with this way of working. Area 43 school counsellors are working from home to offer advice to Y6 pupils, should they need it too and they are available via this number 0800 0385778 or online via link on their website: https://www.area43.co.uk/referrals/ 

We would like to emphasise, however, that we are not wanting to add pressure to the well-being of our pupils and we encourage as much as possible for parents to utilise the time, with the children to learn self help skills; some examples could include mastering toilet training with our little ones, learning to tie shoe laces, telling the time, weighing food, learning a new skill such as knitting or sewing etc. We have added plenty of practical ideas, that do not require being in a classroom. Please ensure pupils stay in touch with their friends remotely; make use of their gardens to get plenty of fresh air and exercise safely and daily - again there are ideas to assist with this on our website.  


All information regarding the FSM provision and further guidance, in light of the coronovirus etc, is updated on the Local Authority's website, the link is listed above. 


Canon Patrick also sends his blessings and prayers to everyone. 


We will continue to update you with any new information via the school website and look to update new ideas, during the Summer term, if we are still in this situation. 


Cymer olaf - take care everyone, 

 Diolch/Thank you.


Mrs Bowen-Price 



Jesus our Model, Helps us to share, Learning and kindness, Friendship and Care

Choosing the right school for your child is a major decision.  You will want your child to receive an excellent education but you will also want him/her to feel happy, safe and secure.  We believe that the Model Church in Wales School can meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on high standards of attainment, behaviour and pastoral care.  Our pupils enjoy a stimulating, structured curriculum during the school day and a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  We believe that each child is special and we make every effort to ensure that we develop each child's talents to the full whilst respecting each child's dignity and individualism.

We value our pupils and we believe that education within a Christian community is a wonderful preparation for life.  Each day we use Jesus as our 'Model' and school life is filled with learning, friendship and fun.

We hope you will find the website informative and please use it to check regular updates in line with the school calendar and parents’ newsletters .

If you have any general enquiries, please contact the office or if you have any concerns or enquiries in relation to your child, please contact your child’s class teacher or myself as the headteacher.

If you would like to visit the school, please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website. For further enquires, please contact the school on the address below.


Mrs Amanda Bowen-Price



Mission Statement

 The Model Church in Wales School’s mission is to work within a Christian ethos to nurture and develop all that is best in our pupils providing them with a sure foundation for their future.


Ethos of the School

 The Model Church in Wales School is a Voluntary Aided School.  Trusting in God we aim to:


  • Ensure that each child realises his or her full potential
  • Meet the needs of individual children in a caring Christian environment
  • Develop mutually supportive links between home and school and Church and the wider community
  • Develop confidence, independence, and self-esteem, together with respect for all people
  • Provide high quality teaching and stimulating learning opportunities
  • Establish high expectations of attitude, behaviour and achievement
  • Prepare children for their responsibilities as good citizens and develop their awareness of their role in the wider community


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